Juri Strumpflohner


About Me

Hey there 👋, I’m Juri Strumpflohner—software engineer, content creator, and speaker rolled into one. I’m currently working as Sr. Director of Developer Experience for Nx, where I help drive developer relations, content and strategic planning for Nx.

I’ve been knee-deep in code for over 15+ years, cutting my teeth as a Java & .NET backend developer before pivoting more to the frontend space. Over the years, I’ve worn multiple hats, including that of a software architect, both on the backend and frontend. I worked in small startups to large enterprises and helped Fortune 500 companies with their efforts to scale their frontend development.

But hey, coding’s just one slice of the pie. I’ve love to learn new tech and to teach it in an easy digestible way. That’s why you’ll find me writing technical blogs on juri.dev, create video courses on Egghead or the Nx YT channel or speak at conferences. I’ve also done in-house workshops in the past.


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