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DZone MVB Goodies Box

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Juri Strumpflohner

Yesterday morning I received a nice little box with a DZone label on it. Seems like they sent it to me as part of the MVB program I recently joined. What a surprise! Opening the package…

…unveiled a nice letter:

Dear Juri,

  Congratulations! As one of our top contributors we're sending you this package as a way to thank you for everything you do for DZone.<br/><br/>
  We ended this year with over 650,000 members, more than 700 MVBs and an audience over 3 million strong. 2012 was...

and looots of nice little goodies.

Two nice DZone Refcardz about HTML5 WebSockets and Design Patterns, a DZone mug, a developer T-Shirt, a Tizen 8GB Flash Memory, a Manning Early Access Program discount, an iPad Mini Golden Ticket (for having the chance to win an iPad mini) and last but not least, Inter-Cubicle Ballistic Missile:

The result: a hard fight against my girl

So I’d like to thank DZone for the very nice and kind surprise. I’m glad to be part of the MVB program and I hope I can provide some contributions this year as well.