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Nepal: Help for Anil Joshi

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This is not the kind of post you usually find on my site here. But it’s the story of a good friend of mine who tries to help Anil, a young Nepalese who lost his home during the big earthquake at the end of April.

The dramatic earthquake in Nepal was in all the news. Lots of people died or lost their homes and belongings. Charity organizations are asking for donations and help. A good friend of mine, Alex, was in Nepal at the end of February, doing his internship as a medical student in a hospital near Kathmandu. During that time he met Anil, which now, during the earthquake lost his home and is now forced to live with his wife and children on the street. As a result, Alex opened this donation to help Anil recreate his home.

TL.DR: You can submit a donation at the end of this post. Thx a lot for your support!

But read the story by yourself:

Dear friends,

at the end of April an earthquake heavily struck Nepal, an already poor country by its own. Lots of people lost their belongings and are now looking towards an uncertain future.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, February this year I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do an internship as a medical student in Nepal. I worked in a community hospital in Dhulikhel, a town near Kathmandu. It was an amazing experience for me to travel to Nepal, lots of impressions, lovely people and obviously the gained experience by working at the hospital.

During that time I met Anil Man Joshi, a young, cheerful Nepalese.

Anil Man Joshi

Anil didn’t hesitate to invite me to his home and his family, to show me some amazingly beautiful places, all in all, to make my stay in Nepal an unforgettable experience. He gave me all of this, never asking for anything in return.

Unfortunately, I am now here to tell you that - like many others - Anil lost his home and all of his belongings during the big earthquake. Together with his wife and children he’s now forced to live on the street facing an uncertain future.

His destroyed home

Anil’s hospitality has impressed me, and knowing he lost his home makes me extremely sad. Thus, I’d like to give Anil something back and help him in this particularly difficult moment of his life.

Every donation is welcome, no matter how small it is. This is your chance to help a very particular person and his family: my friend Anil. Help me to help Anil get a new home for his family and himself.
I promise you that 100% of all donations will be directly sent to him and his family.

Thanks a lot for your support!

It would be great if you could help Alex to come up with some money to help Anil. This is a good chance to help a very particular family and to be sure, money arrives where it is most needed. Remember, every donation is more than welcome and a big help for Anil, independent of the amount.
Also, share the story with others, to increase the chances of getting more people on board.

Thanks a lot!

(Donation is over)