Juri Strumpflohner


Angular 1 and Angular 2 integration: the path to seamless upgrade

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Juri Strumpflohner

Since when the Angular team at Google announced the release of Angular 2, a total rewrite of Angular v1, hot debates started around whether there’ll be a migration path. Totally understandable! We had those discussions as well internally when we were about to migrate to Angular 1.x from another JavaScript framework and the announcement was made. When you start with a large project, long term maintainability is absolutely important.

Although the Angular team already talked about migration paths in their weekly meetups, in early design docs etc…From total migration (i.e. complete rewrite), letting Angular v1.x and v2.x coexist within the same application.

Now it’s finally official. Brad Green, Engineering director at Google and responsible for the Angular team, now officially announced the possibility of having Angular 1 and Angular 2 coexist within the same application. That’s absolutely awesome as it allows for a sliding migration where you develop new components in Angular 2 and migrate older components as you have to touch them. This is a huge win 👍