Juri Strumpflohner


On Monoliths and Microservices

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Juri Strumpflohner
  • Have cross-functional teams
  • vertical decomposition: create vertical slices, being as independent from each other as possible (self-contained systems)
  • vertical services may be even large -> split internally
  • services don’t have a common DB as that would create a tight coupling between them
  • good experiences with “Fat JARs” which can be executed via java -jar <file> (starting an embedded Jetty or something..)
  • REST and Microservices work well together
  • Micro-architecture which deals with the inner workings of a services and is left to the team; macro-architecture is about the interactions between the services
  • crucial points:
    • vertical decomposition
    • RESTful architecture: communication exclusively over REST
    • Shared nothing architecture: no shared state, no HTTP sessions, no central data storage, no shared code. Multiple instance of the same service share the same DB.
    • Data governance: There’s a single “truth”, others have access to the data provider via a REST Api and can eventually copy data to their own storage.
  • Integration over hyperlinks
  • Data replication: services poll atom feeds of the responsible vertical product to regularly get data updates and keep in their own storage (they’re not using data queues)
    • temporary inconsistencies at the cost of availability of services
    • could be avoided to replicate by calling remote services directly -> problem of delays and slowdowns of the entire system though