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Role of an Enterprise Architect in a Lean Organization

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Juri Strumpflohner

{{<article-link url=”http://martinfowler.com/articles/ea-in-lean-enterprise.html” title=“Role of an Enterprise Architect in a Lean Organization”


  • map the current state
  • present vision to key technical leaders and get feedback, they know why certain things are the way they are
  • upon consensus, make current + future state visible to all (not in a Sharepoint folder, or document)
  • “build bridges”, become partner and resource for development teams
  • When a new project starts, update the team of the latest vision
  • Try to avoid getting mired in the details of the implementation
  • focus on high level goals and design
  • avoid temptation to immediately say no to new technology, discuss, do time-boxed proof of concept, measure, discuss
  • success as an EA is only made possible with the support of the development teams
  • build excitement of new vision, celebrate the victories (however small)
  • try to bind technical changes to business changes
  • build community of learning, involve passionate technologists, lead devs etc…give opportunity to share their learnings
  • do not force people to attend training and learning activities. Keep ‘em open but optional
  • sense of community energizes developers