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Interviewing Igor Minar and Adam Bradley for AngularBeers

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Juri Strumpflohner

For the last meetup of 2016, AngularBeers organized an AMA session with Igor Minar (lead dev of Angular at Google) and Adam Bradley (lead dev of Ionic). They asked me to do the moderation of the event.

There have been a lot of questions and unfortunately we didn’t have the time to ask them all. Below are the ones that were posed to Igor and Adam, with a link to the according position in the video. Hopefully this helps to pick those answers you’re most interested in :smiley:.

  1. Intros (:video_camera: 3m 20s)
  2. Does the Angular community (or JS/ES community in general) have a problem with working with and fixing existing frameworks or libraries? Angular 4 is coming out even before majority of the users have moved to Angular 2. (:video_camera: 4m 17s)
  3. Why Angular version 4 and not version 3? (:video_camera: 8m 35s)
  4. What is the current state of Universal? Do you recommend to use it now? What about its future? (:video_camera: 10m 54s)
  5. What about the mobile strategy? Initially the Angular CLI had a --mobile flag. Will that come back? What is the general strategy to adopt. There is Angular-ReactNative, Angular NativeScript, Angular Ionic. (:video_camera: 12m 35s)
  6. Is there a specific reason for the slow progress of the material project for Angular 2? I believe that the completion of the material project is an important factor for the success of Angular especially on the mobile. (:video_camera: 17m 12s)
  7. There is always this kind of comparisons being made between React and Angular. One thing that often comes up in discussions is that many people prefer the React ecosystem because it is more easily customizable because you take in the tools you need. On the other side, Angular is more of a platform, an entire ecosystem which you take in as a whole. (:video_camera: 18m 44s)
  8. Do you think that soon or later bazel rules for building angular projects will be opensourced? (:video_camera: 23m 12s)
  9. There was once mentioned that the team is trying to maek the Closure compiler to work with Angular. Is this still on the roadmap? (:video_camera: 24m 51s)
  10. How would such an integration look like? Would it be integrated into the Angular CLI? (:video_camera: 27m 17s)
  11. Another big thing in Angular is its AoT (Ahead of Time) compilation. Do you plan to further simplify the AoT compilation process? If so, what are some plans? (:video_camera: 28m 50s)
  12. People often ask for Hot-Module Replacement. Is this something that is on the roadmap also for Angular? (:video_camera: 31m 18s)
  13. Could we expect new members on the core time hired by Google after the leavings recently? (:video_camera: 32m 19s)
  14. What are your thoughts on the current state of the router? (:video_camera: 33m 19s)
Ok.. let me explain: it's going to be Angular 4.0, or simply Angular

Learn about Angular's release cycles and how the team plans to move forward from now on.