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Video Course: Learning Angular Components

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Juri Strumpflohner

I just released the 2nd edition of my video course for PacktPub on “Learning Angular components”.

Contents are based on Angular version >=2

The video course focuses on one of the core parts of Angular: components. During this course you will learn the fundamental concepts of Angular components by developing together with me a small sample application.

Buy: Learning Angular Components (2nd ed.)

Your go-to guide when building successful Angular 2 components

At the beginning of the course you will be given an introduction to the modern frontend tooling, including TypeScript, new ES2015+ features and SystemJS. You will be learning about component based architectures which is an important toolkit of every frontend developers. From section to section you will discover new concepts around Angular components such as data flow, events, styling, content projection and many more. Besides that, you will learn about unit testing, debugging and end-to-end testing of Angular components. Finally, you will get an outlook on the potential of Angular, but creating a small hybrid mobile application with Ionic 2 and executing Angular on the server, using Angular Universal.

You will learn to..

  • Develop a strong understanding of Angular components by slicing static HTML pages into dedicated components
  • Configure a modern setup with TypeScript, SystemJS, and ES2015
  • Refactor and upgrade an Angular 1.x application to Angular
  • Design reusable components by understanding how data flows in and out of them and by leveraging advanced Angular template techniques
  • Debug Angular components and write automated unit and end-to-end tests
  • Embed external libraries such as d3
  • Run Angular components on mobile devices and on the server

Note, all contents are intended to be for Angular version 2+

Buy the course! How can I get it?

Great :smiley:. This video has been created by me in collaboration with PacktPub. It’s the 2nd edition of the “Learning Angular 2 directives” course. A fresh update covering all the latest changes after the final release of Angular version 2. Lots of sweat, but totally worth it and I’m glad it’s out now :smiley:.

That said, it also means this is a paid course, currently sold by PacktPub. Still interested? Then go ahead :smiley:

Buy: Learning Angular Components (2nd ed.)

Your go-to guide when building successful Angular 2 components

Thank you very much for your support 😊.


Many thanks to my girl which gave me all the support I could imagine during this quite intense phase of producing this video course.
Also, thanks to Nathan Walker for doing the tech review. I’m so glad I had him on board as he’s such an active and valuable Angular community member right now 👍.

Wanna get a grasp of what Angular (2+) is all about. Check out my free introductory video on Youtube: