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I'm new to Nx. Where do I get started?

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Juri Strumpflohner

If you are new to Nx, but curious, here are a couple of pointers and links where and how to get started.

Follow Nrwl

  • Nrwl Twitter - join Nrwl on Twitter for company news and around its products such as Nx, Nx Cloud and more
  • Nx Twitter - follow Nx on Twitter to get the latest news
  • Nrwl Newsletter - subscribe to get the latest Nrwl & Nx news, links to community resources, office hours and other important info
  • Follow Nrwlians

Nx Website, Sourcecode and Documentation

Repo README: Instructions, talks, podcasts,…

The Nx GitHub repo’s README.md has a ton of useful and up-to-date info on how to best get started, including talks, podcasts and blog posts.

Video Courses

If you like watching videos rather than reading through articles and the docs, here are some options:

  • Scale React Development with Nx - completely free course with over 1h 30min of content. It focuses on React, but since Nx is a tech agnostic CLI, most of the shown commands can be easily translated to Angular as well.
  • Nx Playbook - the Nx Playbook site is Nrwls channel for official Nx videos. It comes with some free intro course as well as a paid more advanced Nx course
  • Nrwls Youtube Channel - Nrwls official Youtube channel where the team regularly shares tutorial videos about Nx as well as the recordings of the regular office hours


There are various possibilities:

How to best learn

Go through some of the docs and videos to get the general idea, but then jump straight into actually trying it out and playing around with some of the concepts.

$ npx create-nx-workspace myorg