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Shifting my role at Nrwl

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Juri Strumpflohner

I’ve been a Nx user since the very beginning. It is crazy to think back now after so many years. The mission & direction always made sense to me. You can imagine I got quite excited when I had this in my inbox.

It took a bit, but then, finally, in January 2020, I joined Nrwl as a JavaScript Architect and soon after also took over the Engineering Management for our european employees.

It’s been a ride since then. My main focus at Nrwl has been on Nx, I also helped push out the very first version of Nx Cloud out there and worked with some of the biggest companies around the world to help them succeed with large monorepos, Nx and Angular.

Community work, creating content, speaking at events has always been a big part of mine: in my role as GDE, Egghead instructor as well freelance trainer and consultant before I joined Nrwl. Also at Nrwl, I kept producing content, but it has never been my primary focus.

Today, I’m happy to announce that I’m slightly shifting my role at Nrwl. Going forward I’ll take over the role of Director of Developer Experience as well as Director of Engineering for the European market 🎉.

As Director of Developer Experience, I’ll be leading Nrwl’s global developer relations efforts, helping to reach more audiences about Nx, and helping to make Nx better. Engaging with the community, teaching and sharing knowledge is a particular passion of mine, so I’m even more excited to be able to focus on it much more than I could in the past.
Also, at Nrwl we’re especially lucky to have lots of talented engineers that are also good communicators. They speak at conferences, teach workshops, blog and create videos. Hence, one of my goals will be to empower existing Nrwlians to succeed in those aspects even more.

As Director of Engineering (Europe), I’ll be helping Nrwl to determine our marketing strategy and help expand our existing client base in Europe. We are already 8 amazing Nrwlians in Europe, so more than ready to take on new clients 😉.

Guess I don’t have to explain that I’m super excited about taking on these new responsibilities and help push Nx and Nrwl to the next level. Be prepared to hear much more from me 🚀😉.