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Brewing good coffee

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Juri Strumpflohner

Yes I’m doing it. I like good coffee, especially good Espresso. For our wedding we got a new Lelit Mara X as a present, since our old DeLonghi espresso machine got broken. So let’s dive in!

My Setup

Coffee machine: Lelit Mara X
Grinder: Eureka Mignon Specialita

How to use the Lelit Mara X

How to get the perfect coffee grind

Usually you never change the weight, but rather how fine/coarse you grain the beans. Goal is to have 8.5 - 15g (single vs double) and have roughly 25-30secs of extraction with a pressure around 9 bar. Relation should be 1:2 bis 1:3 to the grained beans

If shots take less than 25 seconds, then the grind is too coarse and water is moving through it too quickly. The grinder probably needs to be adjusted to make the grind finer. If shots take more than 35 seconds then the grind is too fine and water is moving through it too slowly. - Source: https://www.beanscenemag.com.au/how-to-adjust-your-coffee-grinder

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