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My Setup

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Juri Strumpflohner

Here’s an updated list of tools I’m using right now.

Dev Computer setup

Note Taking

Productivity and General Utility tools



Code Editing

Time tracking

Time tracking is useful for different reasons

  • personal analysis on where you spent time and possibilities for optimization
  • invoicing clients 🙂

Currently I’m using Timeular, using their physical tracker. It also syncs nicely with Harvest.

Timeular ZEI° Time-Tracking Device Review - Can It Improve Productivity?

Previously I’ve been using Toggl which I was highly satisfied with as well.


Photo Editing

I’m no designer and terrible at this. But here are the poor man’s tools to get things done in terms of blog posts images, banners and stuff

(yeah, feel free to suggest better tools 😅)

Budgeting andFinances

I’ve discovered a nice little tool called ActualBudget that allows to easily doEnvelope Budgeting.

Interesting tools to look into